At CSTU all the students’ grades and evaluations are based on demonstrated performance during each course and the level of academic knowledge gained during the course. The grading will consist of letter grades of A through F with grade points as indicated in this catalog. Additional elements of essays, problems, projects and case studies will receive letter grades from the faculty based on the grading rubric established by the CSTU. Each course is based on a total of 100 maximum points.

Grade GPA Indicator
A 4.00 Excellent
A- 3.67 Excellent
B+ 3.33 Above Average
B 3.00 Very Good
B- 2.67 Good
C+ 2.33 Average
C 2.00 Satisfactory
C- 1.67 Below Expectations
D+ 1.33 Poor
D 1.00 Unsatisfactory
D- 0.67 Failing
F 0 Failed
F 0 Failed
I 0 Incomplete
W 0 Withdrawal
P 0 Pass